About Me

I’m Moritz Grund, I work as a consultant, concept designer and author on a variety of unusual projects.

My way of working is characterized by my origin as a Media- and Productdesigner.
My work is set between sustainability and resource intelligence – business model development and decision-making – concept design and practical design theory.
My focus is on developing tools and methods for self-empowerment.
With my products, books, lectures, readings and consulting services, my ideas become tangible.

What I am passionate about:
– new concepts of sustainable and fair coexistence
– the design of tools for self-determination and self-empowerment
– the solution of fundamental problems of many
– my family and friends

What I am good at:
– critical-analytical view
– fast creative-associative thinking, brainstorming
– concept development and designmodels
– design and development of tools and methods
– lectures, inspiration and consulting

If you want to get started or unstuck, need advice or inspiration, feel free to contact me anytime.

The Good Things Manifesto – A Handbook with attitude
Author | Handbook

The Good Things Manifesto provides a simple method for acquiring and letting go of things. Numerous practical tips and simple rules support your conscious life. Whether effective decluttering or reflected consumption, this guide will take you to the things that really enrich your life – the good things.

Note: The Crowdfunding Campaign on Startnext ended. News and Updates following soon.

ONEHUNDRED. An experiment on myself: A designer's reckoning with things.
Book | Notes and stories on possession and property

The book “ONEHUNDRED” is a collection of short texts along a seven-year-long experiment for the reduction of personal property. The collage from notes, observations, stories and thoughts, statements and ideas raises questions about the relationship with things of everyday life and outlines thereby a personal design term. Written in simple language, without foreign words and indistinct terms, like „art “, „beauty “or „prosperity “, this piece of autobiographic design criticism can be read easily.
In 2012 i was awarded with the Wilhelm Braun-Feldweg Prize for design critique.

Title: “EINHUNDERT – Der Designer und die Dinge – ein Selbstversuch” 
Book: Taschenbuch, 176 pages
Publisher: Niggli
Edition: 1. Edition (September 2012)
Language: german and english
ISBN-10: 3721208528
ISBN-13: 978-3721208528

For signed books just send me an Email.

Co-Founder | Selfconsulting Products | www.selfconsultancy.de

The geschaeftswarenladen develops products for the most challenging questions of entrepreneurial activity, emanating from the question: How can management consultancies be made superfluous?
By offering simple, self-explanatory tools, the geschaeftswarenladen wants to empower entrepreneurs and motivate responsible.


Co-Founder | Festival | www.berlindesignnight.de

Since 2012, CREATE BERLIN, Berlins network of the creative industry, has been organizing the annual NACHTSCHICHT. The five-hour event provides thousands of visitors a unexceptional look behind the scenes of Berlin agencies, studios, publishers, design and creative companies.


Co-Founder | competence-center for sustainable design | www.sustainable-design-center.de

The SUSTAINABLE DESIGN CENTER e.V. an independent and interdisciplinary competence-center and network for resource-intelligents and sustainable design, established in 2009.
The goal is to motivate and educate designers from all branches regarding the development and design of ressource-intelligent and efficient products and services. The Center runs a small office and a library in Berlin and coordinates several branches in german cities.



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3.6.2016, 19.00-24.00 Uhr

7.4.2016, 18.00 Uhr

Lectureship at University of Arts Bremen


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