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I am Moritz Grund, I work as an Consultant, Designer and Writer on a variety of projects, often aside classical design categories.
My interests and skills feed on broad range of sources. My education as a media designer and my diploma in product design are the creative parts of my person. Lectures, workshops and the founding of the SUSTAINABLE DESIGN CENTER demonstrate my claim for ressource-intelligents and sustainability as the foundation of my work. Teaching assignments for design-theory and the award-winning book EINHUNDERT and The Good Thing Manifesto stand for my concept of practical design criticism. The founding of the geschaeftswarenladen and the development of the BERLIN DESIGN NIGHT show my enthusiasm for designing business models and economic processes. Products like the BUSINESS CREATION CARDS or an innovative Tool for decision-making are under development and aim at the core competence of businessmen_women and designers – making decisions.

For that I get up in the morning:

  • for new concepts of sustainable and fair coexistence
  • for the design of tools for self-determination and self-empowerment
  • for the solution fundamental problem of many people
  • for my family and friends

What I am good at:

  • critical-analytical view of designed and business models
  • fast creative-associative thinking, brainstorming, conceptional thinking
  • concept development and design of models
  • design and develope of tools and methods
  • consulting and inspiration

If you want to get started with one or the other, need a creative outlook, contact sir (link-> contact)


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competence-center for sustainable design |

The SUSTAINABLE DESIGN CENTER e.V. an independent and interdisciplinary competence-center and network for resource-intelligent and sustainable design.

The goal is the motivation, information and education of designers from all branches regarding the development and design of intelligent ressource-efficient products and services. The SDC runs a small office and a library in Berlin and coordinates several branches in german cities.


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Festival | since 2012 |

Since 2012, CREATE BERLIN, BerlinS network of the creative industry has been organizing the NACHTSCHICHT festival once a year. The five-hour creative event gives thousands of visitors a unexceptional look behind the scenes of Berlin agencies, studios, publishers, design and creative companies.

Since 2013, I’m responsible for managing and further development of the event.


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Personality & talent-based business modelling tool | in development |

The BUSINESS CREATION CARDS are a tool for examine, evaluate and design a detailed picture of the users entrepreneurial situation. The method focuses on personal vision, values, needs, competences and talents. The aim is to create a professional or entrepreneurial fulfilling and meaningful work situation in which all elements of the personality as possible are combined and stregthen each other. The BUSINESS CREATION CARDS enable a user-focused holistic business model generation.

Initial point for this product was the idea of creating an custom-made job / business model for myself and my clients.

Collaboration request? Write me an email (link->contact). Or get the latest news via Newsletter (link->contact)


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Selbstconsulting Business |

The geschaeftswarenladen develops products for the most challanging questions of entrepreneurial activity. By offering simple, self-explanatory tools, the  geschaeftswarenladen wants to motivate entrepreneurs to become more self-determined and act more responsible.

Starting from the question: How can management consultancies be made superfluous? I accompany the team with creative input and in product development. I am also a shareholder

since its founding in 2014.

ONEHUNDRED. An experiment on myself: A designer’s reckoning with things

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The book “ONEHUNDRED” is a collection of short texts along a seven-year-old experiment for the reduction of personal property. In a collage from notes, observations, stories and thoughts, statements and ideas the author Moritz Grund describes our relationship with things of everyday life and outlines thereby a personal Design term. Written in simple language, without foreign words and indistinct terms, as for instance „art “, „beauty “or „prosperity “, this piece of autobiographic design criticism can be read easily.

In 2012 i was awarded with the Wilhelm Braun-Feldweg Prize for design critique.

title: “EINHUNDERT – Der Designer und die Dinge – ein Selbstversuch”
book: Taschenbuch, 176 pages
publisher: Niggli
edition: 1. edition (September 2012)
language: german and english
ISBN-10: 3721208528
ISBN-13: 978-3721208528

“ONEHUNDRED” is this years winner of the Wilhelm Braun-Feldweg Prize for design-critical texts.

For signed books send me a short Email.

The Good Things Manifest

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The Good Things Manifesto is a statement, guidebook and tool in one. It opens up a completely new perspective on our things. A simple methodology and lots of useful tips combine sustainability, downshifting, decluttering and consumer criticism. It is the only guide with a holistic and profound answer to the significant question: Which things do I really need?

Help me to bring this book to life and support the crowdfunding campaign starting on March 1st at