ONEHUNDRED. An experiment on myself: A designer’s reckoning with things

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The book “ONEHUNDRED” is a collection of short texts along a seven-year-old experiment for the reduction of personal property. In a collage from notes, observations, stories and thoughts, statements and ideas the author Moritz Grund describes our relationship with things of everyday life and outlines thereby a personal Design term. Written in simple language, without foreign words and indistinct terms, as for instance „art “, „beauty “or „prosperity “, this piece of autobiographic design criticism can be read easily.

In 2012 i was awarded with the Wilhelm Braun-Feldweg Prize for design critique.

title: “EINHUNDERT – Der Designer und die Dinge – ein Selbstversuch”
book: Taschenbuch, 176 pages
publisher: Niggli
edition: 1. edition (September 2012)
language: german and english
ISBN-10: 3721208528
ISBN-13: 978-3721208528

“ONEHUNDRED” is this years winner of the Wilhelm Braun-Feldweg Prize for design-critical texts.

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